Without them i couldn't accomplish my visions , without YOU we can't accomplish what i call this : 

A crypto-community  fun and "tiny" project. 

                                                                  Tom Braxstone

Tom Braxstone

CEO and creator of EDM/E.D.Gaming  & The Borealis

"Let's make the future a little more fun, shall we."

As CEO and creator of The Borealis project, M Braxstone is everywhere, all the time with his team to guide them and be guided of course. He decided to learn in depth every part of this massive world ( VR, Gaming, Designing...etc) to hire more beautiful minds needed for this project with his current team. On top of that he already learn throughout the years as a film director and ceo of EDM a lot such as marketing development, production, working with big companies like Audi, Nike and luxury brands, handling heavy teams or projects with pressure and timelines. Understanding the VR market was his goal, identifying emerging trends, and defining where the company should focus its efforts on to "change the game". Identifying and managing risks is also a key aspect of his role but having fun and sharing raw human emotions and beautiful experiences are his main goals.

Marion H.

Financial Advisor

"The possibilities of The Borealis are infinite if handled right."

Karine's role as Financial Advisor in a VR gaming company involves providing expert financial guidance to optimize the company's financial health and support its growth objectives. This includes analyzing financial data, forecasting future revenues and expenses, and advising on budgeting and investment strategies. Her expertise is crucial for The Borealis in helping the company make informed decisions on resource allocation, cost management, and long-term financial planning, all of which are essential for navigating the dynamic and competitive landscape of the VR industry.


Business Development Manager

"I couldn’t dream of a better project to wake up every day !"

Marc focuses on identifying growth opportunities, such as partnerships or new market segments, for The Borealis. It requires strong networking skills, which they had with M Braxstone and an understanding of the VR market. The role involves negotiating deals, fostering relationships with partners, and exploring new business models to drive revenue and expansion.

Laura M.

Marketing Manager ( Public )

"Everyday is a new world and a new design to explore for The Borealis and i love that part."

Karine is responsible for promoting The Borealis and all the services to the target audience. It requires knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and possibly influencer marketing. The role involves developing marketing campaigns, analyzing market trends, and working with the sales team to increase product visibility and adoption. 

Mathieu J.

VR Game Dev Manager

"VR is another world and The Borealis another dimension."

The knowledge of Mathieu creating 3D models, textures, and environments for VR games serve The Borealis well and is priceless for the future companies who will step in. It requires strong skills in 3D modeling software (such as Blender or Maya) and an understanding of VR limitations and opportunities. Mathieu handle our team and will collaborate with game developers and designers to ensure that all the elements in our VR universe are not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for a stunning VR experience online and offline.

Marie P.

Project Manager

"A multiverse in VR connected worldwide ? Let's do it !"

Marie oversees the development and delivery of  all VR projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the desired quality. Requires strong leadership and organizational skills. She coordinates between different teams, manages resources, and ensures that everyone is flying on the same path with the project goals.

Lucas L.

VR UX/UI Designer

"I push my limits to the next level of creativity and i love it."

Lucas is responsible for designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces for VR games and services. He understand user behavior in virtual environments and he is skilled in UX design tools. His role involves creating user-centric designs that enhance the overall gameplay or games creation experience and ensure ease of navigation within the VR space for everyone : Gamers, developers, professionals and all The Borealis community.

Charlie E. & Pauline F.

Marketing Manager ( Pro )

"Like Jude said, that's Borealistic !!! We love it Jude !!! "

Charlie and Pauline are responsible for promoting The Borealis universe to companies and individuals who wants to propose their services inside our VR universe. Their roles involves developing and growing our universe with gaming companies and also analyzing what are the possibilities for them as well as everyone to propose their services easily and flawlessly to other members. 

Hugo L.

3D Designer / Quality Assurance (QA) Tester

"Looking forward to try the suit again and "few" other things."

On top of being a designer, Hugo plays a critical role in testing The prototypes soon connected to The Borealis. Bugs, glitches, and performance issues he's here to headshot them. It requires attention to detail and a methodical approach to testing. Hugo provides feedback to the development team and ensure that the final product meets quality standards and provides an excellent user experience.

Lionel M-S.

VR Software Manager

"The development of The Borealis is an outstanding multiverse itself."

Lionel role involves coordinating the software development team, managing the software development lifecycle, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality VR applications. He liaise between cross-functional teams, including developers, designers, and project managers, to align the software development with the company's goals and customer needs.


Responsible for designing and developing the hardware components of VR headsets and suits, ensuring they are ergonomic, durable, and provide a high-quality VR experience.

Nola L.

Responsible for designing and developing the hardware components of VR headsets and suits, ensuring they are ergonomic, durable with a high-quality VR experience.

Mike P.

Specializes in creating and optimizing software for VR environments, including system software for headsets and interactive applications for VR suits.

Jasmine K.

Oversees the development and lifecycle of VR products, from concept to market launch, ensuring that they meet customer needs and business goals.

Phillipe B.

Designs the interface and user interaction for VR products, focusing on usability, accessibility, and providing an immersive user experience.


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