The next high end gen of VR equipment accessible to everyone is our goal,

The Borealis VR Headset

TECH SPECS Headesets

Storage : 256Go + 1 To Cloud
CPU/ GPU : Tests in process with new GPU/CPU
Power : Power unit
External cameras : None
Audio : 3D Audio Spatiale or Dolby Atmos ( Speakers )
Dram : 8 to 12 Go for high end performance
Display : 4K display/per eye with a minimum of 25PPD and 1300PPI for the best resolution Refresh rate : 120Hz or nothing
Field of view 110°H & 100°V
Optics : Slim sharp optics with less light artifacts
Lens : Adjustable with a smooth mechanism and visual clarity for everyone.
Eye Tracking : V1 generation
Internal lidar / cameras : To reproduce your facial expressions and add your “real self” inside the Borealis instead of an Avatar with the possibilities to change anything you want like the color of your eyes, hair... You will of course be able to choose other avatars inside our customize rooms before or after loging in The Borealis.
Wifi : Wifi 6 or 6E for low latency, high resolution

Limited Accessibility Connectivity :

Existing VR systems often require complex setups, including powerful computers and extensive cable connections, limiting accessibility.
The need for a wired connection can hinder mobility and convenience, restricting users to specific locations.

Our Solution :

Wifi only or ethernet connection with our adapter, no setup or installation needed. We are aiming to build a Borealis Router later on.


This suit is we think the next logical step for the VR universe.

The Bor Protoealis VR Feel Suit Prototype 2.1
The Bor Protoealis VR Feel Suit Prototype 5
The Bor Protoealis VR Feel Suit Prototype 8

Our goal with the 3 types of suits prototypes 

( Immersive/Tactical/Premium) 

What we are making is to implement an advanced haptic feedback system, utilizing a network of sensors distributed across the garment. These elements would simulate various physical sensations like touch, pressure, vibration, and impact, corresponding to the virtual environment.

 This approach imply miniature complexes hardwares devices into the fabric of the suit. The placement of these components are strategically mapped to align with key sensory points on the body for maximum effect. We are not aiming for a full suit for size reasons but for multiple big parts linked together.


What if you could walk or run without the need of big area ?

The Bor Protoealis VR Shoe Adapter Prototype 3.1

As we want everyone to move freely inside The Borealis without the need of a big areas inside their home or heavy and expensive equipment we thought about an adapter to put on any type of shoes to walk or run without the need of... moving much... 

Crazy uhh ?

For now 3 different version of prototype are developed

Treadmill Shoes:

Design shoes with built-in mini-treadmills on the soles.
Users can simulate walking or running by moving their feet within the confined space of the mini-treadmills.

Sliding Shoes:

Create shoes with a low-friction surface on the soles.
Users can slide their feet to simulate walking or running motions, allowing for movement within a limited physical area.

Omni-Directional Wheels:

Integrate omni-directional wheels into the soles of the shoes.
Users can move in any direction without lifting their feet, offering a wide range of motion in a small space.

Every version integrates gyroscopes to adjust the orientation of the player inside The Borealis. The suit as well to track the body movements and sync the entire equipment if the player turns  around for example but don't move his feet.

We are aiming to make this adapter so precise that developers could use the sound of your movements in horror games for example. If you walk too loudly some monsters could hear you. 

So, be careful and walk slowly while being in the dark with zombies around you, that's our advice for the future ;)

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