Introduction & Overview


Welcome to The Borealis, our team and the creator/CEO Tom Braxstone are building a breathtaking virtual reality universe with new equipment ( VR Headsets, FeelSuits and more ) where the realms of AAA games and services live education, art, virtual museum tours to name just a few converge seamlessly.

The future will give you the opportunity to buy and claim your virtual territory within The Borealis. You will be able to own and personalize spaces, land, planets and universes that reflect your style via our own ecosystem and software, whether for your personal enjoyment and invite your friends around the world or to rent those spaces to gain incomes.

The Borealis is an avant-garde project that transcends the conventional realms of virtual reality, merging the thrill of gaming with the vast possibilities of educational ventures and an array of services, all while being interlaced with a dedicated cryptocurrency system. 

This initiative is not merely confined to the entertainment or scholarly domains but extends its reach to a comprehensive suite of services. It invites you to present your unique services, engage in collaborative efforts, and drive innovation alongside a global consortium of members. Embark on a journey of unfettered creativity, and cement your place within a community that's actively sculpting the forthcoming era. 

The Borealis is a beacon for those who dare to dream, for those eager to imprint their mark on the future's canvas. Whether you're an artist, educator, entrepreneur, or technologist, this is your platform to unveil potential, explore uncharted territories, and redefine existing paradigms. For aficionados of the cinematic world, The Borealis heralds a groundbreaking evolution in the way stories are consumed. 

Our mission is a novel reimagining of the cinema industry, tailored to elevate your experience from a passive observer to an active participant within the narrative. Imagine being able to step inside the movie, to dwell within the scenes, to fully immerse in every nuance of emotion.  

You will be able to rent your rooms, houses or lands to professional for them to propose their services around the world. Those rooms could be used for education classroom, music, health, fitness training... Possibilities are infinite like our universe : The Borealis.

And this is on top of our gaming universe with AAA companies/games.

Immerse yourself in a world beyond imagination. The purpose is to make our universe accessible with just an internet connection with our future VR Headset, FeelSuit and much more hardware and software technologies we are building for a unique and realistic experience.

At the heart of this digital realm is our revolutionary cryptocurrency $BRLS bridging the gap between the expansion of our universe, the virtual experiences, tangible opportunities and for holders : Private Universes.

As we diligently forge ahead, refining and expanding this revolutionary approach, we extend an invitation to you. The future beckons with open arms, brimming with possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered. So, we pose the transformative question: 

Are you prepared to take the leap? Are you ready to step into the future, to become an integral part of The Borealis? The horizon of tomorrow awaits your arrival, ready to be shaped by your vision and enthusiasm. The future is now. The future is Borealis. And most importantly YOU are the future.


Let your emotions define the limits,


You'll be able with the partnerships we are aiming for with AAA games companies to play any type of games going from universe to universe via portals solo or multiplayers. 


Before games are deployed you will have the opportunity to explore The Borealis universe alone or with some friends.

 You will be able to learn how to navigate with our own AI assistant Heiley. 

You will have access to avatar personalize station, social stations or even create or rent your own room with fans of any universes.


The possibility to rent or buy rooms inside The Borealis gives anyone the opportunity to share knowledge about any subject for free or not. Having access to Master Class and education in real time with people around the world all of that at home.


Rent or buy a room inside The Borealis. You will be able to personalize them with our in-build design software, propose your services to other members on our platform or rent them to someone else if you buy one.

NFTs will includes rooms for sell with rent options. Lands will also be available in a small amount to buy for bigger projects apart from big companies or partners.




The Borealis

Core Values

Innovation : We strive for continuous innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of virtual reality.


Empathy : We understand the human need for connection and aim to create virtual experiences that resonate with the depth of real-world emotions.


Quality : Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality ensures that every detail of our high- end headsets and suits contributes to an unparalleled virtual reality journey.


Accessibility : We believe in making advanced virtual reality technology accessible to ALL, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the digital landscape.

The Borealis Social Space


Building a vibrant and engaged community is at the heart of our mission. We envision a global network of users collaborating, sharing, and collectively shaping the future of virtual reality.

The Borealis Main Hall

A new journey

Join us on this transformative journey as we embark on a mission to redefine reality and usher in an era where the extraordinary becomes the new ordinary. Together, let's shape a future where the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds blur, and possibilities become limitless.

The Borealis VR


Our vision with The Borealis project is to redefine the boundaries of virtual reality by crafting an unparalleled immersive experience that transcends the limitations of the physical world. We envision a future where individuals seamlessly traverse between the virtual and real, empowered by cutting-edge technology that sparks creativity, fosters connections, and unlocks boundless possibilities.

The Borealis Gaming
The Borealis VR News HALL
The Borealis VR Services


"Let's redefine our future, together."


The Borealis VR 4D Eventes Stages

VR Accessible to EVERYONE

Main Problem & Solution :

High-quality VR experiences often come with a hefty price tag, deterring many potential users from embracing the technology. On top of that the graphics quality for many games in this industry are not worth buying high end VR products if the ecosystem and games are not able to deliver stability and more than 2 pixels.

Our solution :

Plans ! For that we simply are building plans via our $BRLS token for you to have access to high end products without the need to buy the equipment in one go. This gives us more freedom to build high quality products accessible to everyone. Because of that we are building prototypes that meet our expectations and dreams. Price range : Equivalent of 49$/Mo to 89$/Mo* depending the version and plan you choose.


Dependency on External Devices 

Existing VR systems often require complex setups, including powerful computers and extensive cable connections, limiting accessibility.
The need for a wired connection can hinder mobility and convenience, restricting users to specific locations.

Our Solution :

Wifi only or ethernet connection with our adapter, no setup or installation needed. We are aiming to build a Borealis Router later on.


Our approach for The Borealis Headset is 256 GB or more and will include the main area that we call “The Borealis Grand Hall” part of the ecosystem without the need of installing anything. The main hall, certain rooms with services, event stage, events bord hall, avatar customize stations, design rooms station and more will be accessible online and offline for certain parts like designing your rooms for example. Design your room with our design station software offline and once complete you can upload it online when ready.

The Borealis VR Shoe Motion Prototype 2


The purpose of our adapter is to walk and run without the need of a big area. This give you the freedom to go anywhere with limit physically. The MOTION+ will be compatible with any flat shoes.

The Borealis VR Crypto Wallet


Implement a secure hot digital wallet for iOS, Android, PC, Mac and a cold physical wallet for users to store and manage their tokens and having access to our staking mechanism, being able to manage their assets, rents, NFTs and many other options is also our goal. That is why The Borealis Wallets are already in process with our team because who else than us, the creators of this universe can build such a thing to enhanced security?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will be available for our digital wallet. Because we are not just talking about tokens but assets, real estates, rent incomes and so much more. Implement 2FA to add an extra layer of security for accessing your wallet and sensitive data is the minimum require for us. Any updates on security decisions will be shared with the community as everything else to decide what we will and can do to meet your expectations.

The Borealis VR Feel Suit Prototype 3


The Borealis FS V1 (FeelSuit) is a complex prototype we are building and testing with 3 major immersive features :

1 – Pressure* in key points of the suit to feel objects, deflagration or someone touching you.

2 - Tiny electric waves* via patchs inside the suit near the major muscles to feel the action like never before if someone is shooting at you in a FPS for example.

3 - Vibrations* in sync with the first two features to add realism to your journey.
*All 3 features will have multiple levels of force and sensibility and many more settings.

The Borealis Physical NTFs


The Borealis NFTs : Not Digital Anymore

Each Physical NFT Card is a tangible, collectible item crafted with precision. Holding the card in your hands brings a sense of ownership and connection to the digital assets it represents.

Embedded SSD Storage:

The heart of the Physical NFT Card lies in its embedded Solid State Drive (SSD). This internal storage holds the keys to your exclusive virtual assets, ensuring secure access and ownership verification.

The Borealis Physical NTFs Room Genesis 3


Access to a room, exclusive games, events, BETA version for testing new hardware from the company before release... and so much more to come.

The Borealis Physical NTFs Hardware


Having a NFT attached to a physical hardware and secure SSD where the only possibility to access to your asset is to connect yourself to it before you start your session in The Borealis.


A small example of possibilities inside The Borealis...

The Borealis VR Science MasterClass


Rent out your custom-designed spaces to other users, host events, or establish virtual businesses for education, art, music, health or any kind of live master class. You can generate income by designing and renting out customized rooms. These rooms can be tailored to specific needs and aesthetics, providing an ideal environment for various professional activities. Artists can use these spaces for music lessons, offering a unique and immersive learning experience. 

The Borealis VR AI Assistant Heiley


Imagine an AI companion that serves as your personal guide, introducing you to the vast and diverse landscapes of The Borealis universe. This intelligent assistant understands your preferences, interests, and play style, offering personalized recommendations for new realms to explore. From designing stunning landscapes to crafting intricate rooms, the AI provides intuitive tools via our main software that turn imagination into tangible, immersive experiences.

The Borealis VR Health Class


Dive into a world where learning has no limits with our Virtual Reality Master Class series. These classes offer a groundbreaking approach to education across various fields, utilizing the immersive power of VR technology to enhance understanding and engagement.

The Borealis VR Gaming Headset & Feel Suit


The advent of 4K screens in virtual reality (VR) gaming has opened up a plethora of possibilities, enhancing the gaming experience to unprecedented levels. FPS, simulators, racings games, escape rooms and an infinite number of new games with VR approach.

The Borealis VR Exploring


With our AR (Art Rooms) and design software you will be able to create the design of your room and any type of VR art with outstanding visuals combine with musics and share it around the world with people. We are planning to find partners for you to have access to any kind of music that fits you.

The Borealis VR Museum Tours


Travelling to the other-side of the world to visit a special place or museum could be very expensive. Our purpose is to give you access to many places to visit like museums and famous places. For that our team will scan with special cameras museums or certain places around the world for you to visit them in VR. 


Imagine an AI companion that serves as your personal guide, introducing you to the vast and diverse landscapes of The Borealis universe. This intelligent assistant understands your preferences, interests, and play style, offering personalized recommendations for new realms to explore.


We are more then working on prototypes. More coming very soon...


Like our current partners or future ones we are talking or aiming for strong ones listed here, we are more then open if you want to join this journey and have your game or services inside The Borealis. Feel free to contact us for this new journey.


We are already talking with AAA studios to make new and redo already well known title in VR.


Every aspect of the project need high levels of security. In our ecosystem, app, in our services and of course with our token and future wallets hot or cold.


We are working heavily on our ecosystem within The Borealis and this implies the design of our main universe, our AI ( Heiley ) and a strong but friendly interface for games companies or members to create any type of room, world or universe they want.

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